Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ah, rain

Greetings again, occasional readers of this blog. Things have been quiet on my end, due mostly to a little thing called college. The problem with being a student is that you can't really show off pictures of what's been keeping you busy. Baby pictures? yes please. Puppy pictures? adorable. Pictures of 20 page papers on criminal law? er... not so exciting.

So where am I? In exchange for sunny skies and easy access to beaches, I'm living in a very large single room in a shared house (1 girl, 4 guys a cat and NONE of them wash their dishes), paying more to rent a single room than my parents pay for a mortgage. I have a desk chair held together with mailing tape and a desk, which is too short to be comfortable. I do have one luxury: a queen-size bed with 400 count sheets. And when I say 'bed' I mean 'air mattress resting on the floor'.

Nothing like college to keep things interesting. Look forward to seeing more posts soon.