Thursday, December 25, 2008

Poster Children

I must give a shout out to readymade for this.
5 posters, 5 groups. let's look at them one by one

Christopher Silas Neal's design. I like the vintage look and message. not sure if I'd call it strictly in line with the FAP style, but it should work well, especially in the kitchen or gardening shed. (who says sheds can't have posters in them?)

Christoph Niemann's design has brilliant colors and just the perfect amount of pop. still, I look at it and can't help but think 1950's classroom. it's one of those classic things where you love it, but can't begin to think of a place to put it, other than an art classroom, maybe.

Mike Perry, I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do it for me. The colors work well together, but it's just too busy. This poster is the one of the set that is least in keeping with the FAP style; I'd describe the look as more like a 1970's kitsch. And if there's a decade we should avoid bringing back, it's the 1970's.

Open's offer to this prompt is simple, classy and perfectly retro. Love the colors and the message. Still, it is very blue. Post it up and the color makes it the instant focal point of a room.

Last, but certainly not least is this beauty from Nick Dewar. Does it keep to the FAP style? Absolutely. Does it provide color without screaming for attention? Yes! Is it the sort of motto that you should take to heart? Definitely. Whether in terms of life or design, simplicity is never a bad option.

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