Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cow rugs

Something I've never fully understood the appeal of is animal rugs that still bear a resemblance to the animal whence they came. Bear skin rugs are the exception, as they have a certain rugged charm to them, especially when embellished with a tale about how said bear threatened your life, so you had no choice but to kill it with your own hands.
Cows lack that critical element of danger. Mostly, cows gaze vacantly into space. Plus, when tipped sideways, they are unable to right themselves. This is a serious design flaw.
Putting a cowhide rug in a living room is a bit unusual, but putting one in a kitchen seems just cruel. You're telling the poor rug that one of its relatives is in the broiler not more than 15 feet away, slowly becoming what's for dinner.
To which the cow's spirit says 'moo', then continues to stare off into space.

1 comment:

  1. Haha yeah, animal rugs in general throw me. I just don't feel it. Whenever I see one all I can think is "man, I hope that's fake..."