Monday, May 17, 2010

The good and the weird

The good:
Pantone may be the standard when it comes to defining shades and hues, (and creating those little fan books) but there's a new player to the field: Colourlovers. Less definitive, but cheaper - free to join. And if there's one thing I like, it's not spending money.

Because I would rather not spend my money on an automated solar-powered lawn-mowing robot. I'm content using an old-school reel mower powered by my lunch and my father's reminders.
Not only is the robot mower expensive, it is also evil.

I don't know if a robot can feel jealousy, but this one can. It's just out of peripheral vision, waiting. Lurking. And you can't unplug it because it's powered BY THE SUN. It's as though we don't learn from every bad horror movie.

Image stolen with love from Design Milk

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  1. Ha! It does look like it has ulterior motives in that picture!