Thursday, May 19, 2011

The joys of apartment hunting

Now that I'm employed and graduated, I'm on that next great step: finding my own apartment. I'm taking y'all, my very very supportive readership along for the ride.

My needs are simple:
-Air conditioning
-Full kitchen
-Close to work
-Within my budget (not much)

I've found a handful of opportunities.
The two cheapest ones are a 20 minute commute to and from, and aren't in the greatest of neighborhoods. But they're full kitchens in historic buildings and are about 450 square feet each. Not a bad deal.

The middle option is a wild card. Not that much more per month, but it's only a 10 minute commute to and from, and its got a pool on the premises. The downside is that its a building from the early 60s, and again isn't in the best neighborhood. I also have no clue if its got hardwood floors. Not that those are essential, but they're a nice touch.

Option 4 is the one I'm touring Saturday. The most expensive, but its a mere ONE BLOCK from work. I don't mind commuting, but I'll take a five minute walk over a 10 minute drive any day. It's also in the nicest neighborhood, but I know there's going to be competition for it. The difference between these options is about 75 dollars from cheapest to most expensive, which isn't huge but every dollar helps. I'll have pictures up and ready to go soon, y'all.

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  1. The higher rent in the better neighborhood may be best...Safer & closer to work. With the gas saved on driving to work it may ultimately be cheaper too! Good luck in your search!