Monday, September 12, 2011

Enter the handles

They've finally arrived. turns out, 4-6 weeks is kind of a long time when you're waiting for something. So the winning handle was *drumroll please*
Handle 3! While they were the most expensive, they were also the ones I enjoyed holding the most, and I felt like they fit the scale of the drawers a lot better. These things are heavy too. I feel like I could have used them as weapons. Which leads to the bathroom. I wanted something a little more fun in there, so I went for these. They're a matte finish that was a really close match with the shower curtain.
Here's a slightly wider angle. I think it adds that something extra that's been missing. Well, one of the something extras.
All in all, I think these were worth the almost 2 month wait. Do any of you ever replace the little things like handles, or do you focus more on the larger projects?


  1. Wow those blue handles really pop out at you!

  2. We tend to ignore both the little things and the larger projects :(

  3. Aye, stylish handles! :) I'd probably wait even more than this for them.

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  4. Those handles are great. The funky blue ones look like they were always meant to be in the bathroom. xx