Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The new thing I'm drooling over

I'd written previously about how much I really wanted a Dyson magic fan. (not its actual name, but I think we all know what I'm talking about here). Well, between getting my mini fan and not actually having a place to put the magic fan, I'm going to have to cut it from my list of awesome things to get. Womp womp. Instead, I'm going to get one of these!
House Industries has made some pretty cool things, but in a collaboration with Herman Miller of Japan, they're producing a series of tables inspired by some of House's more iconic fonts. The downside? There's only going to be 80 of them. And they're all in Japan. And you thought the Missoni for Target lines were cutthroat. However, the wire-base tables appear on my local craigslist from time to time. If I was crafty, I could probably DIY something kind of like this. But I'd feel a little guilty about modifying a vintage table, especially if it turned out badly. Anyone else ever feel furniture modification guilt? Who's booking a plane ticket to Japan to pick up one of these?


  1. I wouldn't modify a table top that's in nice shape, but if I find one that has a messed up top, heck yeah, give it new life. Or, if the top is still good, consider unscrewing it and saving it aside and get Home Depot to cut a piece of MDF to your size specifications and work with that.

  2. YOu need to make friends with someone who can weld ;) - The legs are just pencil rod. You could easily make a table top yourself out of any kind of scrap or reclaimed wood. It would be a good collaboration and you would have something truly one-of-a-kind!

  3. You can totally do this. Never feel bad about painting furniture. :P

    Thanks for commenting on the blog. Ike likes his fan club.