Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad art bad art, what you gonna do?

This art print is in time out. He's been very naughty.

He used to be in the bar area, leaning up against my fridge. If anyone can see the problem of having a large and heavy unsecured thing sit above a bunch of glass, come forth and collect your prize, because you're clearly a lot smarter than me.

I was retrieving something from the fridge, and I knocked it over. There was that OHNO moment. Then there was the breaking glass sound. Full-on panic.
I was afraid I'd gone and broken any number of things on that "bar" area. Maybe even all of the things. So I guess I'm really lucky that I only lost one of these glasses.

Womp womp.

TGIF, readers: has anything in your house misbehaved recently?

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