Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is this thing??!

I'm learning about antiques by trolling the goodwills in the area and looking up stuff on the internet with my phone. It's easy if there are words or marks on it. Ebay, alibris and amazon.com have been useful in my hunts. And every once in a while, I have to go to google images with a series of nouns and adjectives. 'retro glass black gold sunburst' etc.

Every once in a while I get stumped. Things that I cannot find any information on. Like, I understand that if I can't find a certain pattern of glasses on the internet, that they're still drinking glasses so price them appropriately.

But what I am about to show you, I have no information on. It's swans on a black metal base with that protective velvety fabric on the bottom. It's about six and a quarter inches tall, nine inches long and 4 inches wide, and it's HEAVY - maybe around 10 pounds. It's also got screws on the top, so I'm thinking there's a top part to it, but I don't know what that part looks like.

Who else wants to join in my mystery hunt?


The swans even have tails

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