Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun little test: What's your design style

A simple 5 minute quiz from Sproost will answer what your design preferences are. The first time I took the test, the result was 60% Contemporary, 40% Vintage Modern. There's a lot of wiggle-room, and the test is about as scientific as your horoscope, but it's a great weekend time-waster.

So readers, I'm curious to figure out how y'all score.


  1. Blogger was giving me crap about commenting earlier and by now I've forgotten my exact test results but it was somewhere along the line of: 34% vintage modern, 33% contemporary, and 33% rustic something or another. In other words: I have no style, apparently. Go figure.


  2. Yeah, Blogger is decidedly lame sometimes.
    like I say, its not a very scientific survey.

  3. I took the test,100% classic and I think that about sums me up perfectly.Thanks for checking out our kitchen reno Nick.I have to tell you,luckily we didn'thave to live in it when it was in the before stage.It was bad enough visiting it in that condition for me.