Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reconciling 'car people' with 'art people'

I'm one of those car guys. The major downside to that aspect of my personality is that it's hard to bring that into design. Most car posters are perfect for garages or the bedroom walls of teenage boys. As a former teenage boy, I admit it worked well for a while.
Now I'm trying to keep things classier. And nothing says class better than rather expensive rugs. (except for caviar, roses, well-pressed tuxedo shirts and Gary Cooper).
Behold, the Oto rug from the Nought Collective

Part of me wonders why a room would need most of a 1970's station wagon on the floor. Part of me thinks that the iconic meaning of that image transcends the seemingly random nature of the design choice. And the last part of me would buy it in a heartbeat, were it either cheaper or me wealthier.
In the meantime, I'll go about seeing if I can't get a super-sized print of this image made.

Image credits:
Apartment Therapy, whom I love and adore.


  1. I admit I don't have a thing for cars when decorating, but I do appreciate the irony in making a 70's station wagon into an expensive rug print. I also have a soft spot in my heart for cars that are old and kind of ghetto. That is probably why I drive a 90's Nissan Sentra (other than the fact that I am broke, and it was free).


  2. For me, its more a way of trying to get my passions and interests represented in design. I mean, a house that looks beautiful is one thing, but if it says nothing about you as a person, its kind of disappointing. I'd rather have personality over style.