Monday, February 9, 2009

Pillow Talk

The most diplomatic word I can use to describe this pillow is 'funky'. It's got color and the pattern is the same sort of shape that screams 'Las Vegas neon sign'. The bad news is we're talking the Fat Elvis era of Vegas.

I think that unless done right, this pattern will look garish. Unlike stripes or other simple geometric patterns which mix well with other things, this one will take a lot more careful planning. Keeping it constrained to a pillow makes the job easier.
Image taken from Design Milk
Pillow is from Johnathan Adler

1 comment:

  1. True fact: my grandma once ordered a couch and had pillows come with it. The pillows were a loud print like this one, but the couch was a nice subdued blue so we figured it would work. And when they delivered the couch, the whole damn thing (couch AND pillows) was a print eerily similar to this. I almost puked, and she almost yelled at the delivery men in Spanish.

    Which is my roundabout way of saying, this print is not so bad on a pillow but it would look horrendous in any larger format.