Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do not pass go.

I'm good at Monopoly because I'm ruthless and completely without mercy when it comes to money. Which is why I'm opposed to the 'Monopoly revolutions' game. Yeah, not having to count the money out every single time is a plus, but if you're going to play a game that rewards you for being a sociopathic capitalist, you might as well have that last formality. It also means I can't cheat and hide 500 bucks in my coat pocket.
The board looks cool, I'll give them that. If hasbro released a game that looked like this that didn't have the storied history of monopoly, I'd be first in line to buy it. (okay, I'd saunter in at 3pm maybe but I would be there.) I'm just not a fan of the technology. There are few games which have gotten better with technology.

Image lovingly stolen from Casasugar

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