Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ooh, artsy

I have a nasty habit of culling the material for this blog from a couple sources: Apartment Therapy and Desire To Inspire are two that provide most of the material here. Until I get a photo of the changes I've made to my room, here is something completely off the wall.
Erwin Olaf is a photographer based out of Amsterdam, whose photos struck me. I have fallen in love with the interiors he creates and styles for his shoots. Though his work often has a photo-shoot-ish feel, there's a lot here that grabbed me, especially the way that these first two photos have a strong narrative quality to them - like I've stumbled into the room and have interrupted something.

The furniture is what I want soooooo badly.

Erwin Olaf(it's art, so there's the occasional nude project. Not sure if your workplace is cool with the naked human body if it's in an artsy context.)

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