Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have in fact entered the future

Popular Mechanics and Popular Science have placed loads of their back issues on Google Books. I loved those magazines for their outlandish depictions of what the future was going to look like. We still don't have a flying car, or kitchens that cook for you

but we do have this projector from David Riesenberg:

Holy mother of cheese it is equal parts beautiful and mildly terrifying. It's a projector. It looks like it came from the prisoner or some other 1960s version of the future. It looks like it knows all your secrets. It looks like it could hover. Finally, we have achieved the future that the past wanted us to have.

The problem is, I don't need to own a TV. And this is something I've been thinking about a lot. I do everything on my laptop. Will I be weird if my first house doesn't have a TV in it at all? I feel like if you have a TV you have to have a space organized around that one thing. That's kind of a waste of space, which could be organized to highlight architectural features or to facilitate conversation.
Think you could live without a TV? What would you do differently in your home?

Thanks, Design Milk!

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