Sunday, March 7, 2010

sofa, so (not) good.

Moving away from modern, some are bringing back 70s style because despite all its flaws, it has a homey feeling. We were never perfect people, so why aim for a perfect home? We did the best with what we could, we made things ourselves, and life was still good.

Patterned sofas may be making a comeback. As with any trend, there is a way to do it badly. Yes, different patterns in the same color scheme work together. These patterns are working towards something a bit more sinister. Granted, I have seen worse, but this is (to steal a phrase that YoungHouseLove turned me on to)wayyy to 'matchy-matchy'.

Suddenly, you don't have just a blue and white room. You have the blue and white room. Friends will speak of it in the same tone reserved for exes that we wish we did not have to see again. You don't want that.

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