Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why does the future have to be creepy?

Happy new laptop to me. It's fully working, I think. I have just enough computer knowledge to be a danger to myself and my files.

The future. Ray Bradbury had the visions of rooms where lights would automatically go on and off as people walked through their houses. The rooms with people would get the electricity, the empty ones get nothing. What an efficient, slick idea. This has not yet become reality for most people, but technology looks like it will fill the void. Yanko Design has released a motion detector for your electronics. Plug in your electronic devices into this, and set the timer. Enough time without movement and it shuts everything off.
The problem? just look at it.

The future is going to be creepy. Actually, the room in that Bradbury story murders its occupants, so maybe this is easing us into that reality.

Image stolen from Cribcandy.

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  1. They could have designed that in SO many unfugly ways. Congrats on the laptop!