Friday, August 19, 2011


Part of a long-term side side side project I'm looking into. So what are the things I'm studying most right now?

This is a concept for whiskey aficionados called the Johnny Walker House. Built in Shanghai, the three-story construction is designed to be a sort of feast for the senses; a sort of experiential building.

The tasting alcove idea is hardly original, but it looks good. Solidly masculine, the overhead lighting fills the overhead space so it feels intimate, yet also leaves enough breathing room.

I'm a sucker for rich aubergine colored walls.

Not all of the rooms are hits, this one strikes me as bizarre, reminiscent of a bad 70s lounge.

Really? We're using top hats as lighting fixtures now? It falls more along the lines of kitschy than classy.
If you read the press release (which is basically ArchDaily's coverage of the space) you can kind of understand what they're getting at.

images lovingly stolen from ArchDaily.
In an entirely unrelated note, my sources tell me that the Missoni for Target collaboration will be available online (and possibly in some stores) as early as the 12th, not the 13th. If you want that bike, better get there early.

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