Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is this how to live in 125 square feet?

One of the recent Apartment Therapy posts on small kitchens featured images from a small studio apartment. How small? 125 square feet. Let's look at what you can fit into a space that small.

I don't like it.

I think it does a great job of illustrating a particular design point of view. I think that if Kristen was in one of those HGTV Design Star white box challenges, she'd get major points for showing her aesthetic in a way that's unmistakeable and visually arresting.

But how are you supposed to live in this space? If you make any sort of accommodation that means you can have guests over and entertain, you lose the visual effect. It feels like a design exercise more than a liveable apartment.


  1. I agree with you. Pretty is one thing but it needs to be liveable!

    Good luck with the housewarming party!!

  2. It looks like a swanky prison cell. I don't like it either, too sterile. Also, where the hell are your clothes, books and other life clutter supposed to go?