Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not digging it.

Restoration Hardware has a new catalog out for their fall lineup. They heavily tout a couple chandeliers, and I've got to admit... I'm not really a fan.

I think I can pinpoint exactly why I'm not digging them. Were it a single bulb in a birdcage (which is totally a thing) I'd be cool with it. That's a fixture where the birdcage takes up space in an interesting way.

For the restoration hardware piece, I can see how they'd go for an interesting juxtaposition of the sparse birdcage with an ornate and lush chandelier. But for me, something's lost in the fusion of the two into a unified element. The other way to create that tension is to actually juxtapose sparse, aged and somewhat mechanical elements with lush and decadent ones. Of course, that's an interior design solution, not a furniture making solution.

Also, that placement is WAY too low. When you stand up to get into or out of the sofa, you're IN the chandelier. Bad designer/catalog creative director! Bad!

Image lovingly stolen from Restoration Hardware. Original inspiration via MadeByGirl

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