Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And now a beautiful moot point

One upside about living alone in a very small apartment in a temperate climate zone is that my energy bills tend to be pretty low. My only guilty pleasure is that I enjoy long, hot showers. I'm sorry planet. I'll make it up to you somehow.

If, however I didn't have all those advantages, I'd want to have a way to keep the bills low, the planet from becoming all hellish and apocalyptic, and most of all, I want it to look pretty. This is where Nest comes in.

Nest is like that beige box that's connected to the heating and cooling in your space, except they made it look pretty. One dial, a screen and some graphics. It's straight out of the Dieter Rams school of design. Mainly because it's been designed partially by the man behind the iPod.

Here it is in action, if you like the youtube.

The best part is it's a learning robot. It has either an advanced computer algorithm, or straight up magic that learns when you do and do not use the heating/cooling system and it turns the dial for you. It's like Skynet, but instead of being evil, it keeps you warm when it's cold out, and cool when its hot out. I'm totally installing one of these in my future hypothetical house, once I get things like money.

Image lovingly stolen from Nest.


  1. Money? I have heard of this strange item. People are talking a lot about it these days. I think it must be a rare item, as it seems hard to least by me ;-)

  2. This stuff is super cool! I will gladly replace my ugly thermostat (left by the previous homeowner) with this one!

    Great find, Nick!