Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In which I accept that I am a bad housekeeper

Ideas? loads of them. First steps towards those inroads? Usually pretty good.

Follow-through? Not so much. For a case study on my procrastination, consider my Case Study cabinet.

As seen on Apartment Therapy!

I purchased this because I decided what my apartment really needed was a little more of a work surface in the kitchen. Plus I did some measurements and it was going to fit well in the kitchen. It's where my recipe books and (eventually) big ol' Kitchenaid mixer will go.

The problem? One bolt was missing.

The lovely folks at Modernica said they would provide a replacement part. Keep in mind that I'm not the original owner, and they still offered me the missing part. That's customer service.

The point of this story is that I had this email in my inbox telling me to come pick up the replacement screw for probably 2 months. I picked the screw up today. Has anyone else ever let a small task like this go undone for a long time? Or are y'all the sort of get it done now types?

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