Friday, May 11, 2012

The accidental collection

The local Goodwill happens to be great for a few things, and terrible for others. The furniture selection is almost entirely cheap crap, but the book selection has its share of gems. One other area where it shines is in pottery. And entirely on accident, I've got a little bit of a midcentury California pottery collection going on here.

It all started with this guy. I took one look at the handle and thought "that's old, that's interesting, I must buy it." And at $3, I would've been a fool not to. Hello, Bauer of Los Angeles pitcher circa 1930s, nice to meet you.

And then this guy showed up on a cart in that same goodwill. While the other patrons swarmed the shoes and bric a brac, none of them picked this guy up. I'm glad they didn't. Hello Roselane of Pasadena vase. I'm taking you home with me today.

This isn't something I set out to start collecting, but I'm going to start making more of an effort to buy them, now that I know what they are. It's a real connection to the history of where I'm living now, and that's kind of special.

Who else has accidentally started a collection?


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  3. A great find!! My Mother-in-Law was a collector. I was young and did not appreciate her enthusiasm - however, now I can only wish I had a few of her things. He son, my ex, has them all in storage somewhere - and now her granddaughters are not able to enjoy them as she did!

  4. You must keep these. These are already valuable.

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