Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shameless promotion

I sell things for money here.

Okay, self-promotion over. Moving on to friend promotion.

While not strictly interior design-y, two of my roommates freshman year started a business a couple years ago, making ties and pocket squares.

Really really cool ones.

They were interviewed by the website Individualism here. I can verify that the no-training marathon actually happened. They also did it after having stayed up the whole day so they were not well-rested when they began. The whole experience took 8 hours, including a 30 minute break where they talked with a homeless man about life.

The prize at stake was a dime. Which might not have been paid in the end.

But you can help them make up that lost dime by buying from them via their online store. I believe these ties will also fit most medium-to-large dogs, the heads of small children, and adult penguins.

Images (c) Rodolfo Ramirez, lovingly stolen because we totally lived together for a year and I go to his house like all the freaking time.

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