Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wallpaper I can learn to love

I'm beginning to appreciate pattern. It's a slow process. When I dress myself, I can mix and match. And I have a lot of respect for those who can pull off really daring combinations in their attire. But I was always hesitant when putting it in my apartment. I have two accent pillows... that's it. And half the time they were hiding in my trunk because the futon was in bed mode.

The other reason was because introducing pattern on a big scale would require me getting special permission from the landlord to paint or put up wallpaper. Until now...

The company is Murals Your Way, the product is wallpaper that you can re-position (and remove!) without damaging the wall beneath. The landlord doesn't even have to know about it. It's like the Keyser Soze of wallpaper.

Hey, they do chevrons! Everyone loves a chevron. My favorite part is that they called this pattern "ziggy"
I was also taken in by the funky lines of Scribbles. Scrawl on, wallpaper.

I drifted towards the more vintage-y patterns like these.

 Cutouton, in yellow. It looks a little like fish, in a super-minimal Charley Harper kind of way.
 It's called Scratch Leaves, but in my mind it's flowers! On grey! I love grey!

They're a teensy bit on the expensive side, but so is normal wallpaper, I guess. Is wallpaper usually a kind of expensive option? What other renovations should I do without asking the landlord first?

Hat Tip to Design Milk


  1. These are good patterns, faster to produce if you do wall sticker :)