Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Are the Design Trends for 2009?

Well, According to the folks at Sköna Hem, a Swedish home design magazine, here are some of the trends that we can look forward to seeing. Now while the trends themselves are solid, the photos illustrating them are a bit silly. Let's take a closer look:
Raw Blonde wood

AKA: the 'We went to IKEA and bought a bunch of wood furniture' look. Part of me thinks that this is Sweden's way of ensuring money goes back to Sweden. I think it's a great way to introduce natural elements into your space while still keeping a clean and modern look.

Tailored Textiles

Okay, this looks like an electric chair designed by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. I have no qualms with tailoring. The wallpaper below the chair rail is a bit much, though. I'd have gone for a solid color.

Industrial forms

This room dissolves Mondrian on contact. The setting where industrial forms work best is when they're allowed to speak for themselves. Simple settings highlight the beauty of the form itself and its simplicity. Jamming a bunch together just creates a mess.


  1. Ha! Hi, Nick, love your sense of humor. This room dissolves Mondrian, that made me crack up. I'll be visiting again.

  2. That industrial room is so fail. I don't even know what to look at because my eyes keep bouncing from one thing to another. I would probably take the purple chair though, because I'm a whacko like that.


  3. Amanda,
    I like the chair too. I just think that the picture illustrating the chair could have been done so much better.