Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's talk pets

Earlier, I made the joking comment that if your dog clashes with your color palette, you should consider getting a new dog. Bad jokes aside, this is a question that you do need to think about. Our pets scratch, shed and sometimes break things, but we love them all the same. Food, pet beds, bowls and toys all have to go somewhere.

While on the subject of bowls, I'm a little bit in love with these bowls from urban materials + accessories: Not only are they really clean looking, but my cat pushes her water bowl into the middle of the doorway and spills water everywhere. Maybe this will stop her. (Probably not)

So readers, what are your design stories involving your pets? Did Fido break your brand-new DWR lamp? Does Fluffy shed so much that you decided to save time and buy furniture to match her coat? Or have you incorporated your pets seamlessly into your design? Your comments, stories and pictures are all welcome!

urban pet bowl


  1. Hi Nick,just found your blog and it looks very interesting.I plan to be popping in frequently.We used to have a black lab and now we have a white coated part lab who sheds a lot.I use the furminator on him and it does help but there is always going to be some shedding with that boy.I planned everything around this dog,just as I did with the other one.When I chose my flooring I brought it home and left it on the floor to see which one his hairs blended with.The fabric furniture was also chosen with his color,it goes on and on.The raised bowls you showed are similar to what I had my husband build for our dogs.It is not only more comfortable for them but it also is supposed to help prevent against bloat.Sorry for the long post but when it comes to pets I could go on for a long time.Cyndi btw...I named him cloud white,after my favorite trim color.hehe

  2. Thanks for following my blog! The idea of testing floors that way seems really clever.

  3. I have a black cat and my apartment has cream carpet. Suffice it to say, I vacuum several times a week in the summer ("shedding season") and there are still little black tumbleweeds of fur on the floor at all times.

    I need to consider new bowls for Tigger. She doesn't spill them, but everyone who walks through my apartment trips over them for some reason.


  4. gimme gimme gimme

    i mean you know how kyoko likes to drink water, either i need to buy a cement or some type of heavily weighted one, or try these kind of dishes