Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everybody panic!

Small, Cool 2012 starts Thursday.

           \\\( ºoº)///

\\\(ºoº )///

         \\\( ºoº)///

\\\(ºoº )///

\\\(ºoº)/// !!!!!!!

Okay, stop running around screaming Nick. You can do this. What's the plan?

Step 1.

Step 2. Last minute adjustments. Is that poster crooked? (it is) Are you going to move that art around? (hopefully). Are you going to attempt to style and vignette your place? (Like. A. Bawss.)

Step 3. Take photos. Loads of photos. During the day this time. That means you'll have to get up before noon. :(

Step 4. Share! There's a lot of stuff in my place that I haven't shown. Little updates here and there that I've done. Well you'll get to see them all in one ridiculously long post tomorrow. Go you.

Step 5. Ask nicely for votes.
It's because I don't have a cute dog or kids. Gotta get on that.

Clean All The Things via Hyperbole and a Half

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