Friday, March 16, 2012

More kitchen-y goodness

So I recently showed off re-covering the kitchen cabinets, now it's time to look at the other half of the kitchen. I know the bottom of the cabinet is cut off. This is with the camera literally pressed to the wall; I'm not kidding when I say its a small one.

Fridge is proudly displaying a poster by Aesthetic Apparatus, based out of my home state. Holler.
The shelf is host of a number of cookbooks and foodporn that I totally will make once I'm done with this marathon and can start eating normal people food again.
And of course, it's a teensy bar setup. It's twenty-doz; all the cool kids are doing it. I rarely make cocktails for myself, so it's really more of an excuse for showing off some old glasses I've picked up at the goodwill. Speaking of which...

This is where all the cool stuff lives. Let's break this photo down.
Back left: Two tall glasses with a cool square and sunburst pattern. 1950s? A little googling shows that a cocktail and double shot sized glass were also made in this pattern, but I have no clue who made them.

Back right: Four smallish glasses with a avocado green and gold pattern on them. I also have four matching larger glasses in the drawer of that cabinet. 1970s? I haven't been able to find a similar set on the internet, so yeah, let's go with the 1970s.

Foreground: Esquire magazine's complete guide to cocktails, drinks of all varieties and the histories thereof. It's from 1956 and after leafing through this book I discovered this era is not actually as classy as I had been lead to believe.

Up top here is the eventual home of one of them sweet kitchenaid mixers. In the meantime, a silver bowl currently holding bread lives here. Thanks to some vigorous googling I know the bowl is English silverplate, and I was able to narrow it down to one of two possible makers, the most recent of which ceased operations in 1932. I say one of two silverplaters because there's a little bit of a mystery going on, but that's a story for another time. Eventually, I'll get silver polish for it, or some way of addressing that really scary looking discoloration. That's not good is it?

In case you're wondering, the cheap green and white plastic drawer thingy is Snacktower. I put all the junk food up there so its inconvenient for me to get at it. I'm lazy so I usually choose to eat a yogurt instead.

So there you have it, dear readers. This is my current favorite part of my kitchen. What's the part of your kitchen you're most proud of?

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