Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is not my kitchen. This is so much cooler

Desire to inspire recently posted recent work from a house in Enmore by Sydney-based designer Matt Woods. The gallery has some sweet sweet tiles so its definitely worth checking out for that alone. But there's one really cool and subtle detail I just want to comment on.

From a distance, the cabinets look very modern and sleek. And then you notice that it's not a totally flat surface; it's individual strips of wood, almost like beadboard.

It's modern! It's traditional! It's... moditional.
Nope, I'll try again.
It's mradern.
That's no good either. One more time.
It's traditernal.

It's both.

Image stolen with love from Desire to Inspire

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  1. I find it stark and impersonal, but Enmore is a lovely place to live!