Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Madness

Greetings readers one and all! I've been bad. Very, very bad. No treat.
I've made changes to Casa Teensy and I haven't kept you all in the loop. Nothing super dramatic, but just enough to keep things interesting. The plan to get the apartment ready in time for the Apartment Therapy contest is still a GO! So these last 3-4 weeks, I'll be ramping up the posts, and doing more things. Here's the progress so far, with the things I've accomplished so far scratched out and the new additions added in bold.

- Hang some sort of art print. The room needs one more pop of color.
- Consider getting matching towels.
- New wastebasket Because the teensy one I have for the whole apartment is just too small for the task

The Main room:
- Hang art
I did it! Expect to see three pretty cool posters
- Refinish dining chairs. Sell other set of chairs. Maybe get new ones?
In progress. I finally have the right chemicals to tackle this bad boy. Let's see if I can strip a chair without giving myself chemical burns
- Consider painting the folding chair some sort of fun color.
- Consider making a cover for the heater that I refuse to use.

The Kitchen:
-Add some accessories to the bar.
-New Stove! They did it! I can bake things now!
- Cover beige cabinets with removable white vinyl.
- Find way to cover the ugly countertop with... something. Probably metal. This one is only if I get the job I've got a phone interview for on Monday. Wish me luck!

Other projects:
- Etsy??!! Looking into selling some cool vintage things I've rescued. Or just sharing them with all of you. I have no clue how this whole e-commerce thing works.
- The Marathon. I've been training for the LA Marathon, it's in 2 weeks. Will I have photos of that? Maybe. On the plus side, I'm getting good at jogging for hours at a time.

This is an exciting time here at Casa Teensy, I'll be sure to share the results with all of you. Fingers crossed I get that job; that will make the rest of these so much easier.

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