Sunday, March 11, 2012

Glass Log Jammin'

Why must you taunt me, Design Milk? Whyyyyy?

A lot of the stuff I've commented on from there is pretty avant-garde (my code word for 'just plain weird')
And this one seemed no different. They recently posted about a set of glass logs created in a collaboration between Jeff Benroth and Dewitt Design Studios. I took one look and thought "Why would I want logs cast from glass"?


That's quite nice, actually. I want them now.

What do you mean it's a limited edition of 50?! Only like... 8 people can have that cool fake fireplace-y thing now. And none of them will be me. Come on all ye pottery barns and crates and barrels, get copyin'.

Images stolen with love from Design Milk

1 comment:

  1. These glass logs are so cool! Haven't see anything like that before! These will look great in a modern home!