Thursday, June 16, 2011

Floor tiles that look pretty cool (for now)

I love a good wood floor. But I also have strong opinions about other floors, if they're cool enough. These vinyl tiles from Modularity Tiles are eye-catching in a way that makes me wish I didn't have generic tile in the kitchenette of my apartment. It'd be an excellent way to introduce a little color and help break up the beige.

Modularity Tiles
Fun and funky. Oh, that my kitchen looked like this.

Modularity Tiles
Reversing the white and colored parts changes the entire feel.

Modularity Tiles
Very retro, very op art.

Modularity Tiles
Some looks are less successful.

I like the concept, but I have the very strong feeling that this look is going to age quickly. I hesitate to throw my weight behind this because while furniture is easy to remove once it becomes offensively out of date, tile is more of a headache.

Discovered via Design Milk

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  1. I really like these but I believe you are right about the outdating! It could be like old wallpaper, once you get over it, you realize its everywhere!