Saturday, June 25, 2011

Houston, we have a living area.

Operation go to Ikea and buy furniture was a success. Three really big boxes and a few blisters on my fingers from those darn hex-head bolts later, I had a living area. It's a good feeling, knowing that people can come over and actually sit down on real furniture.

It's a futon, and not the sort of sleeper sofa I truly wanted. I took stock of my bank account, my desire for something approaching a queen size mattress, and my back that really really should not be doing heavy lifting. The only conclusion was that this would be a good compromise because I cannot drop 3 grand on the perfect sleeper sofa.

I'm doing the ol' 'use an expedit bookcase as a room divider' trick. I'm also using the less-popular 'use an awkwardly-shaped suitcase as storage for bedding' trick. I'm going to be upgrading to an actual trunk soon enough when that suitcase goes back to live at my parents' house.

the living room is still a little dark, and I do need a rug, so I know what's next on the list at Casa Nicholas. Also on the to do list is this little teaser for future coming attractions:

Whatever could it be?


  1. It's so hard in your first place especially when you have no spare cash. Will you be selling tubs of ice-cream in your spare time to help earn more money??xx

  2. Oh my could it be a new fridge! Your space is coming along nicely ;-)