Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where I'm at: Let's just say there's a lot of potential

I don't know if I ever made a promise to show how far along the improvement process is. Well, I'm a man of words that someone else put in my mouth.
Also, if you're coming here from the Making it Lovely Social Space Makeover Contest, a big welcome to you! I try and follow as many blogs as I can, so come in check out the site and I'll do the same for you.
Here's where I'm at:

Yes, that is an air mattress. That eventually will be a sleeper sofa and half of the living/entertaining part. I'm also going to get a nice lamp to put with the fake Eames lounger. I swear, I sit in that chair and

That's the desk. Yes, I am using the padded laptop case as a cushion. Eventually, I'm going to make that part the dining area and sell the desk. But lighting will be a challenge, because there isn't an overhead light. That light switch controls nothing.

Color-wise, I need more pop, more wow and less brown/tan/creamy yellow. (pop and wow are colors, right?) The color balance in the second photo is a bit off, the creamy yellow is really what it looks like. I know right now the apartment doesn't look like much, but I've only been here a week. And for an unmarried guy's apartment, it's pretty darn clean.


  1. She might be bare at the moment, but I see a lot of potential. The light is lovely and once you've got your bed and storage sorted, the space will start to make real sense. I'm loving the blue, yellow and brown mood board, but thinking you might need to lighten those heavy timber boards up with a nice white rug, just to break up all the colour.
    Having lived in a buttercup yellow house for a VERY long time, I would recommend introducing as much white and colour from the opposite side of the wheel as possible.

    Looking forward to seeing which way this goes.......

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. I am looking forward to see the transformation. Keep us posted with any new additions or updates. :)