Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The incredible shrinking apartment

Thanks to the lovely site Floorplanner, I'm able to show what the apartment looks like.

It's not an ideal layout, what with the useless little dry area behind the bathtub and the kitchen doorway I wish I could widen. The little voice in my head says it's better to forfeit your security deposit than to ask permission, but that is asking for a galaxy of trouble.

In the process, I learned something. The apartment is smaller than I had initially said. It's not 400 square feet. It's not even 306. Two hundred and seventy two, according to the calculations of the floor planner website. If I keep measuring it, I think it might disappear entirely.

The living and sleeping area is coming together, but I have a large rectangle that I'm going to have to make into a dining area AND a work area. I live alone, so it's not necessary but it's the principle of the thing.


  1. I'm wondering if you could switch your fridge with your stove? How on earth are you supposed to stand there and cook? Its really small! Or maybe turn your fridge so it is facing your stove, maybe reverse the way the door opens? Its a tough call! I like how you are using a bookcase to divide your bedroom/workspace. Having a dedicated workspace will keep you motivates to actually do work. Its like a miniature apartment!