Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday monday....

Let's get in the mood for what kind of Monday this is going to be:

Over the weekend, I went to Ikea. It took 2 hours, as does every other trip to Ikea. That place is like a casino, I swear: no windows, the clocks don't work. You lose track of time. I bought things and scoped out the furniture situation. Once the big check comes, it's furniture-buying time! I did buy some actual things that I'll show later this week.

Because I went to Ikea, I stole a handful of paper yardsticks. I measured my space and 400 square feet my rear end. 306. Three hundred six square feet. Its... cozy. I've got plans to make it all work though, don't worry. Those too will come later in the week.

Lastly, I discovered a dripping sound coming from behind the fridge. In the morning, a small puddle formed at the back of the fridge. I'm thinking broken condenser, or coils thereabouts. I'm thinking new fridge. I'm thinking it's a little ridiculous that both the fridge and stove don't fully work. That's 100% of the major appliances in the kitchen. As well as the ceiling lights and uninstalled vent hood.

Maybe that Boomtown Rats song would have been more appropriate.

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