Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Coffee Table

Earlier photos of the living room showed off the lumpy green suitcase that I'd been using to store bed linens or the sofa slipcover. Well, the suitcase is no more. I've upgraded to something a little more legitimate, with a little more character and a lot more flat surface area.

Thanks to the magic of craigslist, I got this "table" for pretty darn cheap. It's a teensy bit too small if I want to fit everything inside it, but it's scaled to the space. This is the living area in 'bedroom' mode. When it comes time to shift it to 'living room' mode, the transformation only takes about 5 minutes.

Some plants mixed in with my fake Krenit bowls. We'll see if my apartment gets enough light to actually sustain life, or if I've got to invest in plants of the plastic variety.

Not bad for a busy weekend. Next on the agenda is a rug and some supplies for the super secret DIY project.


  1. Love your suitcase/coffee table! Great find. Looking forward to see your new rug and your super secret DIY project!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Heck yeah Criagslist! The apartment is coming along nicely :-)