Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suddenly a dining room appears.

Far off into the mists, a hazy figure slowly takes shape. It is.... my dining "room". I needed three elements to create the dining space:
1. an arc lamp
2. a table, and
3. some chairs.

Boy was I prolific. Three days. Bam Bam and Bam. Checkmarks on all three. I was originally going to parcel these out as separate posts, but that's lame. Y'all are busy and have lots to do. Instead, you get one mega post.

Here's the whole space.

The arc lamp is apparently a pretty nice model. Purchased because the store In Mode has a horrible returns policy and the original buyer was willing to take a loss to get the lamp out of her loft. This initial buyer had a copy of Hotel Lachapelle so I'm assuming she has very good taste.

The table is the ikea imitation Saarinen table. It looks good, but you can tell it's plastic. It flexes when I lean into it.

The chairs I bought today. They looked really old and were being sold at a ridiculously low price. I did some research after buying them: Ethan Allen from 1980/1981. So nowhere near as old as I'd expected, but still a solid buy. Just need a little oil and some elbow grease.

Here's the rub. The ikea table came with four other chairs.

That makes a total of 10 chairs in a studio apartment. It's not an addiction, I swear. I have plans to sell the ikea chairs as soon as I have a little downtime. I also have no real loyalty to the Ethan Allen chairs either. They're pieces I'm sitting on until I can find something I like better. (pun very much intended)

But there it is: a mostly finished dining room. Next step? Kitchen!

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  1. I like the lamp & table they make an interesting set with the 'antique' Ethan Allen Chairs. I like mixing styles & era's too!