Saturday, July 16, 2011


Or, I actually did a DIY project that turned out alright.
Some of you might have wondered what this image meant:

Well, it was part of an art project I'd been hoping to produce.

I came across a seller offering 4 identical Sealtest Ice Cream signs on ebay. Ebay's probably the best place to look for multiples like these, and they were reasonably priced, with an opening bid of about 10 bucks plus shipping. Not a shameless plug, but the seller I bought from was CJBeez, so probably a good seller to check out.

I got my canvas and spray glue from Blick. The canvas is their Studio line, lightweight and suitable for mounting light things like paper.

This is the spray glue I used. Re-positionable, so it's not a huge deal if you don't quite place the image right on the first try.

Here's how it looked as I was laying out the image. Really, the final art project looks basically exactly like it.
One thing I had to do was measure equidistant from each side so it was centered. And it was going to be a really messy number like not quite 1 3/16ths inches. Then I saw that it was also 3cm. Winner: metric system.

Here's the final piece

Cost breakdown:
4 old advertising signs: 17.23
Canvas and spray glue: 31.40
Total: 48.63

Which is a decent price to pay for a 24x36 piece of art. Plus, I now have a mostly-full can of spray glue I can use for other things.

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  1. What nice lil' pop art advertising piece and the best part is that you made it!