Sunday, July 24, 2011

The vandals took the handles

I'd selected a winner for the kitchen handles, only to discover that the hardware store would have to re-order the ones I wanted. So in 'a few weeks', y'all will find out which one won. I know, the suspense is killing me too.

But I did take one major breakthrough.

It opens all the way! Kudos to Amber Von Felts for giving me the idea. And all I had to do was turn the fridge sideways. This actually opened up a little more space in the kitchen, which I put to good use.

A little more kitchen storage space. It's from Modernica and it's in quite good condition. Right now it's slated for cookbook storage, with maybe a wine rack on top. Because all the 2 buck chuck I drink deserves a wine rack.

But there it is. I'm... done buying furniture. It's all where it needs to be. It's nice to know I can actually focus on enjoying my apartment now.


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  2. Nice one! I'm glad that actually worked! Its funny that you must make the choice of opening the fridge or stove, but hey how often do you need to do both of those things at once? I'm with ya on the $2 Chuck too, I enjoyed some last night with dinner! You might like the online videos for My Drunk Kitchen. Check it out on You tube. Have a great day :-)